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Fred Wines

Primrosé 2021

Primrosé 2021

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Named fondly after Fred’s grandmother, Rose, our sparkling is a sentimental ode to the bohemian and unconventionally free-spirited traveller. Made in the classically fresh Charmat style, our sparkling Gamay is loaded with bright fruit aromas of strawberry, peach, crushed cranberries and a touch of green apple. At the first sip, enjoy the taste of rhubarb and grapefruit with nostalgic hints of cotton candy and sour cherry jawbreakers. Our rosé is a celebration of creature comforts- old friends, new friends, family, warm days and sunny afternoons. Gather together on your patio or backyard for a delicious glass that is delicate, whimsical and stupid-good. Perfect for any occasion because life is about celebrating every day!

100% Gamay Noir

12% Alc./vol


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