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Fred Wines

Wild Side 2022

Wild Side 2022

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Capturing the adventurous spirit of the vineyard, our "Wild Side" invites you to savour its bold heart and audacious spirit. Discover captivating aromas of struck flint, sweet quince, and crisp northern spy apples, while a lively mix of pomelo and succulent nectarine creates a dynamic experience in every glass. With just a touch of natural sweetness, balanced acidity, and a satisfying medium body, along with flavors of apple, pear, nectarine, and quince, a hint of honeyed sweetness, and delicate chamomile hints, adding intriguing complexity. Let your adventurous spirit roam free and embrace life's exciting moments. "Wild Side" is an unexpected celebration of existence, perfect for moonlit adventures and bold conversations. Embrace your adventurous spirit and the wild with open arms.

86% BA Riesling
7% Sauvignon Blanc
7% Viognier

Alcohol: 11%

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