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Darkside 2019

Darkside 2019

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Darkside is built on the foundation of life’s duality between life’s ups and downs. Like a wild ride, through the dark side of the force, this arresting, full-bodied red blend is named for its bold and intense character with aromatic nuances of raspberry, red currant and blackberry jam. Complex layers of black cherry and dried peonies are merged together with rich flavours of freshly ground espresso beans, licorice and fresh dug beets that are perfect for fall nights or just when you want to enjoy a big bold red in the comfort of your home. It’s the perfect elixir for coping with the darkside; a wine for battling through the hardships of life and persevering over them like a warrior. This is your battle cry--a wine for celebrating life’s journey by taking each moment in stride, and sharing it with your loved ones!

45% Cabernet Franc - 24% Cabernet Sauvignon - 18% Merlot - 13% Malbec

13.5% Alc./vol.



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